September meeting Minutes

September 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:10 pm.

Members to join zoom meeting were Joel, Laura, Lisa, Cadence, Mikayla, Jim, Julia, Lindsay, Maggie, Lisa and Cory

Meeting minutes from our August 11th meeting were read by Gary

Motion to accept meeting minutes was approved by Maggie, and seconded by Mikayla.

Treasurers report was read by Joel

  • No income from bingos
  • General account balance is $4428.25
  • Building account balance is $23245.86
  • Charity account balance is $7814.90
  • Bills that have been paid were hydro, water, internet and lawn care

Motion to accept treasurers report was approved by Mikayla, and seconded by Maggie.

New business

  • Ditch and culvert at the front of the property
  • The township to send out invoice for approx. $9347 in January 2021
  • They said we can apply for it to be spread out over 5 years, and will not be billed until Jan/Feb of 2021
  • Bingos will hopefully start in a couple months
  • There was a suggestion that October’s meeting be held at the grounds. Gary will look to the weather and plan accordingly.
  • $2000 tax bill is coming up
  • Maggie has some concerns about liability insurance on the tower. Gary will check on this.
  • Julia has concerns about the unknowns with the gaming pen. For example, what they might find under the sand in the gaming pen.
  • New house build owners put up cedars on their property line. That takes care of the barrier to prevent horses from coming in to their property.
  • John Ashton is in the hospital. Well wishes to him.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.