October meeting Minutes

October 8 / 2020 Minutes

Meeting called to order 7:07

Gary read minutes from September meeting. Motion to accept Septembers meeting minutes, approved by Cory, seconded by Joel.

Gary spoke with Jeff about sifting the sand, there is no set date for that to be done yet.

Gary spoke with a plumber about the lines for the club house. Materials have been donated to use for that project to offset some cost.

Treasures Report:

               Speed Show account – $0.05

               General account – $4423.71

               Charity account – $8742.20 —à UNTIL! There was then  $926.47 added to the account from bingos starting back up!

               Building account – $23252.52

January, February, and March the approximate incomes from bingos were $1500, then nothing since March. YTD we have missed out in 10k of bingo income.

Motion to accept treasurers report, approved by Maggie, seconded by Mikayla

New Business:

Maggie asked who is trained for covid bingos. We are still eligible for bingo funds, but will not be able to help with parking lot bingo at this time. No email came in for who has been trained with respect to the covid rules. Maggie is trained though.

11 am and 7 pm is when parking lot bingo is going on.

Meeting adjourned 7:19