November Meeting Minutes

November 3rd, 2020 Meeting minutes

Gary read Octobers meeting minutes. Motion to accept October minutes approved by Joel, seconded by Lorraine.

Andrea from the bingo stated they are not accepting new people for training at this time. Right now only 2 of us have done the online training.

Treasurers Report – About  $2,600 in taxes was taken out of the General Account when it should have been taken out of the Charity Account. That will get corrected with the bank tomorrow.

Balances are

  • Building Account $23,259.98
  • General Account $1,790.44
  • Charity Account $9,755.95

Bingo Report  – Gerrie had some news about Bingo things. Andrea doesn’t have a current list of who is trained, but anyone who was trained before 2018 needs to be retrained. The bingo income could really be any kind of amount; it will all depend on how busy things are and also covid restrictions. Its really great that we are getting income from bingos when there are other charities that are struggling. Motion to accept bingo report, accepted by Lisa and Lorraine.

January 12, 7pm is the OLG meeting which is mandatory for some board members. Details of the meeting are unclear.

New Business – Taxes were paid Nov 3, 2020 for the amount of $2,515.84. There was a $31.42 interest charge that Gary is going to call and see if maybe that can be refunded.

Rules are voted on in the New Year, so elections are in December. Any members of 2020 are going to be members for 2021. There was a motion to make 2020 members eligible for nominations for 2021. Motion to accept, accepted by Maggie and Lorraine.

Maggie wants to make a motion to make the board of 2020 the board for 2021. Gary says it should be discussed and accepted by the board members. 

If you were a member in good standing for 2020, it will carry over to 2021.

There was a question about the timing for the games pen sifting. Sounds like it might be difficult to sift while its wet out, and may have to wait till spring. There was a suggestion of getting a commitment that we will be at the top of the list for spring.

Meeting adjourned 7:43