Meeting minutes for March

Called to order 7:10pm

previous minutes read by Gary Nelson accepted by Kevin Shanahan seconded by Karen Garrant

Teasure report read by Joel Mujey

Speed show account at $0.05, 3 cheques for awards with a total of $497.88, 1 cheque for Essex legion for banquet, silent auction proceeds to all go to Junior Horsemen $448.00

New business

Ashely Panizolla resigned as bingo coordinator, Gerrie Dugdale has taken the position as bingo coordinator,

No horses to be allowed near Bleachers, Food Booth, and play ground due to safety concerns as well as the already in place areas as noted in previous minutes. Motion was made and carried

motion made to put all shows on hold until the gaming pen has been completed, this motion was approved, Currently there is a $5000.00 dollar budget previously approved, Motion made and carried

Due to the gaming pen required repairs $400.00 dollars per show to a maximum of 3 shows has been approved to be given to the JHA to help cover off ground show fees

Rule Changes

Blue Jeans to be allowed during ranch riding motion was made by Julia Durham. This motion was approved

Rule Change Meeting to be moved to December Meeting, this motion was approved

Games Judges & Classic Judge to be same person as written in the Rules to be noted to the accepting judge for each show

Change Judge to qualified, instead of carded, motion was made and carried.

Meeting Adjourned 8:47 PM