May 2021 meeting Minutes

May 4th, 2021 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:06pm

Gary Nelson read April 6th, 2021 meeting minutes. Motion to accept April 6th,2021 minutes approved by  Cory Dawson,seconded by Gerrie.

Treasurers report:

              Bingo revenue :$1096.11

              Building Account:$23,296.83

               Charity account: $8868.06

              General account:$2041.96

               Speed account:$0.00

Motion to accept the treasures report made Gerrie, seconded Lisa Dawson

No bills have been paid for the month.

Old business:

Nbha put on hold for now due to COVID

Lisa nelson started looking at other insurance companies and they are starting to loosen there restrictions, hopefully shows will be a go.

Auction went well and the posts were won by gerard  for a total of $450.00, 5 poles were left behind as spares if we need to replace any.  Gary will make a contract for the timers and Gerrie will deliver and get the deposit from Karen Goetz.  If anyone wants to add pictures to the collage being made for the front gate please send them to lIsa nelson on messenger. The games pen is making hugh progress they have put the new clay and sloped it and with all the rain it is draining good, they just have to now sift the sand and spread it. NO changes to the bingos, Gerrie  requested a new page to be  created for advertising the bingos and classifieds.

New business: NONE…….

Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:24pm made by Gary, seconded by Jacqueline.