June meeting minutes 2021

June 1st, 2021 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:07pm

Gary Nelson read May 1st, 2021 meeting minutes. Motion to accept May 1st,2021 minutes approved by  Cory Dawson,seconded by Gerrie.

Treasurers report:

              Bingo revenue :$1096.11

              Building Account:$23,296.83

               Charity account: $8868.06

              General account:$2491.96

               Speed account:$0.00

Motion to accept the treasures report made Gerrie, seconded Lisa Dawson

No bills have been paid for the month.

Old business:

update final bill for the pen was $21,388.08

No charge for 5hrs labour

2hrs to spread screenings

2nd day to load the dozer

3rd day to load dozer.

Motion to pay the bill made by Lisa nelson, seconded by Gerrie Donaldson, carried.

Prototype for banner needs approval, looked into waivers and provincial protocols for shows, (hand sanitizer stations, social distancing, no spectators)

New business:

Jha dates have been set and approved: July 17&18, August 14, September 18, Rain dates: July 24, October 2nd. Motion to accept the dates made by Gary Nelson, seconded by Gerrie. Carried

Culvert bill came in total is $9217.17 still waiting on the form to be put on the 5yr plan to pay this bill.

Tractor serviced by Gary Nelson and he has graciously donated. Thanks Gary

Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:34pm made by Lisa Nelson, seconded by Cory Dawson.