June 2020 Meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes – June 2020

Meeting called to order a 7:05.

March meeting minutes read by Gary Nelson.

April and May meetings were missed because of Covid-19.

There needs to be 11 meetings a year, so there will be a month coming that 2 meetings will be held.

A question was raised about the status of the show season for 2020. The President declared that everything is on hold because of Covid-19.

Motion to approve March minutes, approved by Karen and Lisa.

Update on the grounds. The food booth and the tower has been cleaned and sanitized, and the grass has been maintained every 2 weeks. The grass guy from last year was $250 every 2 weeks. $450 for a cut and weed wack. Everything is in good order, and there is no bin rental this year because of no shows. A plumber will be needed before any shows are held just to take care of some odds and ends things. But we will hold off until needed.

Thank you to the Nelson family and the Shanahan family for keeping the grounds up. 

Treasurer stated all that has been done with the accounts is pay the hydro , water, and website bill.

Motion to pass treasurer report, approved by Karen and Lisa.

New Business – looking for volunteers to finish the tower, power wash the food booth, and work on the pleasure pen.

Owners of the new house that was built have asked how we can prevent horses from coming on to their property. Something to continue discussing with the membership.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25.