February Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:06pm

Gary read January 5th, 2020 meeting minutes. Motion to accept January minutes approved by Maggie Miall, seconded by Lisa Nelson.

Treasurers report: Joel Musyj and Cory Dawson made the switch of treasurer on January 31st.

              Bingo revenue $304.73

              Building Account:$23,079.80

General Account:2041.33

Charity Account:$9780.21

Gaming account:$0.05

Hydro, water,taxes and internet need to be paid for the month of February. Motion to pay the bills approved Maggie Miall, seconded by Mikayla Shepley.

Old business:

Nothing has moved with the grounds. The eaves trough fell down on the pavilion, Gary will go and fix it.

         New business:

Maggie suggested we make a banner advertising the bingo’s (OLG) with a collage of SOTC pictures for the front gate. We will look into this further and possibly contact Vistaprint.

Received an email regarding the insurance they have raised our rates  due to the pavilion and tower being a fire liability and would not be salvageable by the time the fire department showed up.  The new bill to cover this is $1076.76.  Motion to pay the bill approved by Maggie Miall, seconded by Lisa nelson.

Show Dates Tentatively:

June 6th,2021


July 11th

August 1st

August 15th

September 5th

Raindates: July 25th, September 19th, October 3rd.

Maggie will forward these to Ed Affleck to start booking judges.

Next meeting is rule change meeting

Gerrie inquired if the club had a laptop, Maggie will contact Lorraine to see who she passed it off to.  If it is not found the club will buy a new one.

Motion to adjourn at 7:49pm. Approved by Maggie, seconded by Mikayla Shepley.