December meeting minutes

December 1st, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Gary started the meeting with reading November’s minutes.

Mikayla and Joel accepted meeting minutes.

Treasurers Report, the General Account has $2633.34. The Charity Account has $7801.90, and the Building Account has a balance of $23,266.15

Treasurers Report accepted by Christine and Gerrie.

We are required to have 12 meetings a year, so December will have 2 meetings. The 2nd one will be December 15th.

New Business – Sand was removed off the top of the games pen. There was a lot of debris to be removed. They removed a bunch of clay; the sand is still in a pile. It will be sifted and spread back out. We looked into some clean fill, it doesn’t seem like there is much around at this time.

OBRA has approached us about hosting a show. Insurance has added new liabilities regarding covid incidents. We don’t know how that will work out with OBRA, Insurance, and SOTC.

Laura, Joel, and Jim have stepped down from the board for 2021.

There are a lot of members that aren’t so tech savvy. So there is talk about bringing back the proxy vote. The proxy vote was a person that wasn’t able to be at a meeting to vote, they could submit their vote on their own, but a person was not able to vote for them.

There was a motion was made to accept in writing of some sort a request to be on the board for 2021.

Motion accepted by Christie and Gerrie.

Next meeting December 15th at 7 pm to welcome in the new board for the 2021 season

still looking for three board positions to be filled for the 2021 season

Treasure, Secretary, and director at large

Meeting adjourned at 7:43