December 15th 2020 meeting minutes

December 15, 2020

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the board of directors.

There are currently 4 open board positions. 

  • Ashley Panz 
  • Joel Musyj
  • Laura Musyj
  • Jim Shepley 

The positions are Treasurer, Secretary, and 2 members at large.

Gerrie has been handling the bingo business and will continue to do so for 2021.

There was a suggestion to hire a book keeper to lighten the load for the Treasurer position.

Christine has offered to look into some prices for a book keeper.

There was a lot of back and forth discussion about who would volunteer themselves for one of the open positions. There was a suggestion to move voting to January because of the lack of interest in board positions. Eventually we came to an agreement that the board members for 2021 would be the following, 

  • Brenda & Randy take 2 members at large positions
  • Gerard – member at large
  • Mikayla – member at large
  • Lisa D – Membership
  • Lisa N – member at large
  • Paige Black – member at large
  • Gerrie –  Secretary / bingo coordinator
  • Gary N – President
  • Cory – Dual role as Vice President and Treasurer

Motion to accept the board for 2021, accepted by Gerrie and Julia.