Aug Meeting minutes

Zoom meeting Tuesday Aug 11th .

The President called the meeting to order at 7:09pm.

The President read the previous (June) meeting minutes.

Motion to accept made by the president.

Minutes were accepted by Lisa Nelson and seconded by Lisa Dawson.

Treasurer report was reported by Joel Musyj.

Motion to accept made by the president.

Treasurer report was accepted by Geri Dugdale and seconded by Lisa Dawson.

New business.

Geri Donaldson and presented updated information about Bingos.

We will be waiting a couple months before we are able to volunteer to work at Bingos.

A list of people that require training was presented.

Geri Donaldson and Gary Nelson will connect with these members and coordinate training.

The president announced that due to issues and challenges resulting from the pandemic, the 2020 show season is now officially cancelled.

The president provided an update on the issue brought forth from the new neighbor about a barrier on the property line to protect their property. We will not be taking action on this for now as the neighbor has been doing some work on the property line. The owner has currently added trees to their property.  

The president disclosed that he has a quote to sift the games pen and remove all hard objects greater than half in size.

The quote is $8,000 – $10,000 to move the sand through the sifting process.

Although the  President consulted with 3 other excavating companies, one replied “no quote” once given the budget plan. The other 2 were unable to quote due to equipment logistics.

The estimate to remove and replace all of the sand was quoted to be approximately $40,000.

The club is currently approved to spend up to $5000 to remove debris from games pen.

Geri Donaldson put forth a motion to increase the allowable spend up to $12,000.

Motion to increase the spend up to $12,000 was accepted by Cori Dawson and seconded by Lisa nelson. All were in favor, no one was opposed. Motion was passed.

The president said that we should be getting started in September.  

The president said that he wold be contacting the Civic Center to see if / when we could start having meetings there again.

The president called for volunteers.

There is some finish work to do on the new announcer’s stand as well as some miscellaneous tasks. The objective is to have the show grounds ready to go for show season 2021.

There were no other items presented.

The President put forth a motion to end the meeting.

Motion was accepted by Geri Dugdale and seconded by Mikayla Shepley.

Meeting closed at 7:35pm.