April 2021 Meeting minutes

April 6th, 2021 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:06pm

Gary read march 2nd, 2020 meeting minutes. Motion to accept March 2nd,2021 minutes approved by  Gerrie, seconded by Laura.

Treasurers report:

              Bingo revenue $ 440.08

               Building Account:$23,291

  • General Account:2041.53
  • Charity Account:$7956.39
  • Gaming account:$0.05

Bills paid for the month of march Hydro One $120.66 , Essex Power lines $65.40

 Computer Data $135.60, property tax bill $878.09, motion to pay the bill approved by Gerard, seconded by Maggie Miall.

Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by Lisa nelson, seconded by Gerard.

Nothing has moved with the grounds. Lisa has been in contact with Sheps and on the high side to fix the grounds will cost $17,000 that is at most, they are going tostart on the pen next week, motion to accept made by Maggie seconded by Mikayla.

We are going to look into getting photos from people who took pictures at the shows and have a collage made of our club members for the banner at the front gate.

New business

We were contacted by NBHA to co sanction and we were supposed to have a guest speaker that was a no show  we will discuss at a later date.

We have discussed covid procedures and having forms and waivers that are to be signed as soon as you are on SOTC property, taking temps and having sanitizer stations  available, and wearing masks while not mounted on a horse. Motion to accept made by Gary seconded by Gerard. Maggie asked to carry a full show schedule at every show , motion to accept made by Gary, seconded by Gerard.

Gerard made a motion to sell the extra posts at the grounds  and auction them off via facebook  to the highest bidder and the dead line will be April 20th, 2021 at 8pm. Gary will create the post on the clubs facebook page. Motion to accept made by Gary, seconded by Maggie.

Gerrie was approached by Karen Goetz of Maple grove about renting the clubs timers for Pony club regionals the Canada day weekend, it was discussed and agreed upon that they can use them with a $100 deposit that will be refunded once they are returned in working order, and a contract will be signed that if you break them, you buy new ones. Motion to accept made by Gary, seconded by Maggie.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:00pm made by Joel seconded by Gerard.