January 5, 2021 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:09pm

Gary read December 1st, 2020 meeting minutes. Motion to accept December minutes approved by Maggie Miall, seconded by Lisa Nelson.

Gary read the December 15th, 2020 meeting minutes. Motion to accept the minutes approved by Gerrie, seconded by Mikayla Shepley.

Old business:

We discussed the gaming pen, it has been put on hold due to weather Gary has been speaking with the contractor in regards to this matter.

Jim Shepley suggested we dig a hole outback and use the fill from the hole to put into the games pen and fill the hole with the dirt that needs to come out.

Bingo revenue $1147.00

Renew insurance with Capri 2021 policy with JHA is $1188.00.  Motion to accept made by Maggie Miall, seconded by Paige Black

Year-end financial were discussed and presented as follows:

Total Revenue from bingos: $ 8,782.57

Approved Use of proceeds: $ 6,319.66

Income over expenses was + $2,462.91

 a motion to except was made Lisa Nelson seconded by Lisa Dawson

Balances and treasurer report on hold until the switch can be made between Joel and Cory and everything gets transferred over.

  • Building Account:  $ 23,279.80
  • General Account: $ 1453.50
  • Charity Account: $ 8886.95

New business:

We would like to welcome the new board COVID season, and thank the old members.

OBRA (DANA KOK) has contacted our club in regards to hosting an OBRA show at trail riders, insurance will not cover COVID and we can be sued personally if proven was contracted at our show.  Will be discussed further as new restrictions are added or lifted as to if we do a show.

Minimum for a 1-day show is $1450 added, 2 days $2600 added we are required to either get in sponsors or put out of the club’s account.

Dates will be tentatively set for this year’s show season, will look into a time frame for the judges.

No new business with the bingos.

  • The OLG permit needs to be filed with the city by February 1st, 2021 this is being handled by Gary, Cory, and Gerrie. Year-end Financials to be submitted with OLG permit

It was discussed to create an open Facebook page so anyone can post or view and you are not required to be a member to get more advertising for the club, it was also suggested to create an Instagram account as well. Motion to accept creating more social media accounts made by Lisa Nelson, seconded by Gerrie. Meeting adjourned 8:05